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As a BPO consultant, we regard quality as important to us as quantity, so with this in mind we have built a team of quality experts to validate calls both made and taken. The Quality Control Team (headed by the Quality Control Manager) is a team of 4 that monitor calls daily to ensure that the quality is of the highest standard.


Companies are spending more of their budget on telemarketing services than any other form of Direct Marketing. Why? Because, telemarketing works harder. It now accounts for more than a quarter of total spending, continuing to outstrip Direct Mail for the third year running.


Consumer research confirms that despite the increase in electronic interactions, there continues to be a significant role for the more personal contact medium – The Telephone. It is clear how telephone response options have become, and remain, ubiquitous.


We are at the forefront of this exciting medium and our telemarketing services software reflects the convergence between telephone and electronic media. We can handle your Inbound calls and produce extraordinary results when Outbound calling. Our state of the art contact centre allows us to deliver and implement profitable customer contact strategies for our clients however large or small.


We have separated our Inbound and Outbound sectors (we believe the functions involve very different skill sets) so that you receive fully customised services from our specialist telemarketing teams acting as your staff.


What do we use? Qualitivity is an advanced automated performance and quality management system specifically designed for Contact Centres. It is an expert solution that allows even further analysis of agents and contact centre performance. It allows us to relate agents contact centre performance to personal characteristics and the capability to grade agents based on individually chosen criteria or across the whole contact centre.


JPL has catered its services for businesses and organizations of varying sizes from industries of all sorts. Whatever your businesses needs are Surgan business services can be customized to fit your organization; making our company an effective outsourcing option. Our multi-channel call centers include a large pool of qualified, fully trained, web enabled and sales focused inbound call center agents.


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Taxes, returns & payroll


Employing people


Health, safety, premises


Environment & efficiency


Exploit your ideas


IT & e-commerce


Sales and marketing


International Trade


Grow your business


Buy or sell a business


Your type of business


Regulations, licences and contacts specific to your business area


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