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JPL energy solutions, is a energy sales/ marketing brokerage firm that handles customer acquisitions in all energy deregulated markets through its sales, marketing, and advertising efforts that boost costumer acquisitions for our clients. Mostly these acquisitions are carried out through our S.M.A.P channel, which consents of freelance sales, marketing, and advertising firms/professional individuals placed across the country to execute these efforts that provide the results our clients are expecting. Our newly developed program with the S.M.A.P channel is the domestic call center program, DCC, which helps new and establish American based call centers with an abundant stream of work that will in return help decrease the unemployment rate in America.




Our purpose is simply the American people!, helping them cut cost on their necessities ,utilities, will help American families become less stress and worry free families but create strong family bonds with much needed family time such as family vacations and family activities. Even if it’s just a 7%-10% savings “Something is better than nothing” and we here at BES believe that slogan is universal.


Our clients are some of the most reliable,trust worthy, and well know in their respected industries. Due to our policy with our clients we do not advertise o\them to the public , if you would like to know what promos our clients are offering please don't hesitate to contact us at and a agent will get back with you.



Become an Agent:


If you have experience in the energy industry,D2D or telemarketing, or you just want to make extra income please email and we will contact you . Below are a list of requirements and what we provide for our agents , we will always provide a stream of campaigns for our agents to work on.


  • Requirements

Computer (windows vista or higher).

High speed internet.

Money motivated.

Entrepreneurial spirit.

Able to work 4-6 hrs per day Mon-Fri.


Experience in the energy industry D2D or telemarketing.

Head set.

Quit environment during work hrs.

Able to work independently.

  • What we give our agents



Great! commission structure.

Weekly and bi-weekly payments on campaigns.

Leads provided.

Dialer provided.

Your own personal company email.


If you are a call center or have a team you are encourage to apply as well, some requirements and what we provide will change.


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