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'Advertising Rotation' - getting a fair position


We all know that the higher you are listed within a directory, the more traffic you will receive.


Finding Solutions Together

Whatever the nature of your business, our obsession with detail means that we can help you target exactly what you want to achieve.


“Unlike other approaches, our data-driven and carefully documented quantitative and qualitative techniques will help you find solutions to achieve highly effective results.”


As your company continues to grow, marketing for new leads can be very time consuming. Working with JPL eliminates the hassle! This gives you the opportunity to focus on your customers and give them the quality service they are searching for. Your business will be booming in no time. We specialize in providing a continuous flow of new solar leads in your area through our solar lead generation program. Our business reaches out to consumers in key locations and directs them to you.


JPL International

Advance Solutions for your business development



Whatever you want to achieve, our presentation of your thoughts and ideas is designed to motivate, evoke powerful emotions, and strike a chord with your audience's own thoughts and feelings.


Our commitment is: "to provide a comprehensive range of professional services in a manner that continues to add value to our client's products and services."


JPL is full- service, global branding and marketing company. Pioneer in the discipline, our methology combines creative excellence; thought leadership, practice innovation and global reach. Our historic approach helps our clients think ahead to size future opportunities.


It’s a big Future out there and we help build it. In a world in which experiments and risk are part of the new Global Economic reality, we help our companies not only navigate challenging terrain, but to see ahead, crating the products and services that will shape our future world.



Need to undertake a professional telemarketing campaign? - Jhagvi's specialises in providing intelligent and "results driven" customer contact campaigns.


We are specialists in enhancing brand loyalty, developing and retaining customers, managing the customer lifecycle and most importantly delivering end results from our telemarketing Services.



You have spend a lot of money and don’t have potential leads?


Stop questioning and contact us to get all answer to your lead generation program.


How we provide new solar leads:


Our agency targets locations you service to ensure viable prospect.

Using filters that are customized to provide results with the qualifications you seek for potential clientele.

We use the most innovative and creative marketing strategies available to gain the most leads.

Multimedia Solar works with our partners to provide expert results at a low cost.

We are fully committed to giving you the leads you want and we make it easy by being available to your needs and requests through our client services.


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